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Welcome to “The Consulting Civil Engineers, Architects & LTP Welfare Association of Andhra Pradesh” Website! Join our community of passionate civil engineers and enjoy exclusive benefits.

We are Civil Engineer Association (CEAL WA AP)

Consulting Civil Engineers, Architects & LTP Welfare association of Andhra Pradesh was
formed and registered under section 3 of societies registration act, 2001 by a group of
Consulting Civil Engineers from Nellore.

Our Vision

Our Association's core mission includes nurturing professional ideals, fostering friendships, and promoting ethical conduct. We strive to enhance members' technical skills while building unity and camaraderie. We're dedicated to equipping members with social awareness and responsibility, ensuring their expertise benefits society. Our aim is a harmonious, progressive future.

Our Mission

Driven by a holistic vision, our association is committed to fostering professionalism, sharing knowledge, nurturing ethics, embracing technology, providing steadfast support to members and society, representing Consultants, collaborating with governmental bodies and corporations on policy matters, advocating transformative change, and leaving lasting positive impacts on our profession's advancement and our nation's betterment.”

Our Core Values

Our Association's core values define our identity and guide our actions. We are dedicated to pursuing excellence, upholding the highest standards in all our endeavors. Our commitment to integrity shapes an environment of transparency and trust. Embracing innovation, we continually seek creative solutions and push boundaries. Collaboration is ingrained in our culture, valuing diverse perspectives and teamwork. Lifelong learning fuels our growth, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our field. We're driven by a sense of responsibility to positively impact communities through sustainable practices. Adapting to change, we thrive in dynamic environments. Empowerment fosters initiative and ownership. Respect and inclusivity create a fair, welcoming atmosphere. Service to stakeholders drives our efforts, exceeding expectations in all we do.

Our Activities

CEAL WA Andhra Pradesh coordinates vibrant initiatives, promoting the exchange of knowledge through meticulously organized events. These include Technical talks, immersive Workshops, enlightening Conferences, thought-provoking Seminars, and engaging Symposia. Exhibitions highlight the construction industry, while Technical Visits provide practical insights. An Annual Convention and association members' gatherings emphasize cultural “activities. CEAL WA Andhra Pradesh nurtures a culture of unity, fostering growth and mutual understanding among its membership.

3rd Main Road , Balaji Nagar, Nellore

Pincode – 524002

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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