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The inauguration of the Civil Engineers Association of AP took place at the end of November. The event was a success and the attendees had a wonderful time. The event was dedicated to the memory of our late founder, Mr. Rajiv Thakur. The program started with a video tribute to him and concluded with a speech from Mr. Rakesh Verma, CEO of M/S Steel Igi Pvt Ltd.

The speakers talked about Rajiv’s life and achievements in his field as well as his vision for making India an engineering hub in Asia. He also spoke about how civil engineers can make contributions to society through their work and how they can use their skills to improve lives in any field they choose.

The program also featured performances by students from various colleges who showcased their talents on stage with their presentations on topics such as “The Value of Engineering” and “Engineering Education.”

There was also a contest where participants competed on designing innovative buildings using only cardboard boxes!

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video tribute to our founder – we are sure he would have been immensely proud!

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